Foreshore family

we are The Living Coast

In The Living Coast we care about people and the rest of nature in the “biosphere”, our mission being to pioneer a positive future that better connects both – by building relationships and inspiring better ways of living.

We are thus recognised as a World Biosphere Region by the United Nations body UNESCO – a special place that serves as an international demonstration area for sustainability.

Our Vision is:

“To create a world-class environment, that is economically successful and enjoyed by all – forever.”

Our Objectives are to:

  1. Conserve and enhance nature
  2. Support sustainable human development
  3. Promote environmental awareness, knowledge, learning and engagement

Our Actions include:

  1. Nature Conservation – improving urban green spaces with wildflowers, and creating ‘rain gardens’ for ground water quality and flood alleviation.
  2. Sustainable Socio-Economic Development – promoting water efficiency, active travel, outdoor recreation and eco-tourism.
  3. Environmental Awareness – actively engaging local people, delivering learning in schools, and working with universities to build knowledge.

Our Priority Themes to add value to are:

  1. Environmental awareness – of local people, especially children and young people
  2. Tourism & Recreation – by visitors and residents, to further economic & social development
  3. ‘Green Infrastructure’ – enhanced networks of greenspace from town to downs, which provide multiple benefits (‘ecosystem services’) from access to conservation to water management
  4. Water – improving local water quality, quantity, and public awareness of our groundwater chalk aquifer, as well as coastal/marine environment
  5. Research & Monitoring – working with universities and others to improve our applied understanding of the local environment

Our Biosphere Management Strategy (2014 to 2019) covers a broad range of topics for local environmental action:


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