Our Team

A small team of people work on the Biosphere partnership programme, based in the International & Sustainability team of Brighton & Hove City Council.

They work closely with the Chair and Vice-chair of the Biosphere Delivery Board, which is made up of key partner organisations from a range of different sectors who are themselves drawn from the wider Biosphere Partnership of more than forty different local bodies.

  • Rich Howorth

    Rich Howorth (Biosphere Programme Manager)

    Rich is a professional ecologist who has managed the Biosphere initiative since 2011, including developing the partnership proposal to UNESCO that resulted in formal designation in 2014.

  • Mita Patel

    Mita Patel (Sustainability Programme Officer)

    Mita has worked on sustainability for nearly 20 years, and organised the Biosphere conference in 2008 when the idea of becoming a UNESCO biosphere reserve was first introduced.

  • Sarah Jones (Programme Support Officer)

    Sarah is administrator for the Biosphere Board and Partnership, and supports the team with communications and programme management.

  • Ben Earl

    Ben Earl (Chair of the Biosphere Partnership)

    Ben Earl is the Water Efficiency Manager for Southern Water, where he is developing future strategy, implementing new business models and delivering ambitious water efficiency targets.

  • ​ Sean Ashworth

    ​ Sean Ashworth (Vice-Chair of the Biosphere Partnership)

    Sean is from Brighton and has spent much of his career looking after the environment of Sussex, currently working at the Sussex Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority to create sustainable fisheries and conserve marine habitats.

Nature 2020

This year is the end of the UN Decade of Biodiversity. Help us mark this by celebrating biodiversity in our biosphere.

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