UNESCO Biospheres

The biosphere is the world in which we live and share with other living things – the zone of life on earth – the soil we grow things in, the air we breathe and the sea where we swim and fish.

• UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) hosts the World Network of Biosphere Reserves which promote a balanced relationship between people and nature.

• In 2016 there were 669 Biosphere Reserves spanning 120 countries, including areas as diverse as the Amazon rain forest, Canary islands, and city surrounds of Paris, Cape Town and Sao Paolo.

• The UK has 7 Biospheres, including ours in the Brighton & Lewes Downs, with the Isle of Wight as the newest member, as well as North Devon in England, Biosffer Dyfi in Wales, Galloway and Southern Ayrshire and Wester Ross in Scotland, and the Isle of Man.