Learning from our Past - Archaeology & The Living Coast

A short video (3 minutes), with narration, showcasing the Brighton & Lewes Downs Biosphere area

Making Rain Gardens in the Living Coast

“Butterflies of the Biosphere” – an introduction to our Biosphere work and butterfly interest

Our Water Matters – a Minecraft view of our Biosphere

Our Water Matters – animation of the local water cycle

Below are two different musical soundtracks that accompany our short film (13 minutes) of Our Biosphere:

Original musical score of Our Biosphere by Nicole Madi

Original musical score of Our Biosphere by Eugene McCloskey

Growing Concerns (part 1)

Growing Concerns (part 2)

Nature 2020

This year is the end of the UN Decade of Biodiversity. Help us mark this by celebrating biodiversity in our biosphere.

Visit Nature2020 websiteProceed to the Living Coast