The Living Coast Artist Residency 2024

13 February 2024

How can artists help us shift our perceptions and support the conservation of our shared natural heritage, for our own health & wellbeing?

We are thrilled to announce that we will be supporting 2 Artist Residencies this year, building on our programme of partnership Artist Residencies that began in 2021.

Our first Residency is lead by the Unviersity of Sussex Digital Humanities Lab, together with ONCA and Fabrica Galleries.  Under the title of ‘Multispecies Flourishing’, we are asking how our parks, gardens and farmlands look, sound and feel when our local environments are not just for human well-being, but for all species? How can digital technologies be used to challenge traditional concepts of beauty and aesthetics in gardens and parks and inspire new ideas of ‘ecocultural beauty’ that allows multispecies flourishing in The Living Coast?

We are really excited that Daisy Stewart-Darling has been chosen as the successful artist to explore Multispecies Flourishing.  Daisy will receive mentoring, access to facilities, exhibition space and funding as part of this Residency.  The project will culminate in an exhibiton at ONCA Gallery 19 – 28 June 2024.

Our second Residency is ‘From Stream to Sea’, a collaboration between Dr Catherine Kelly, University of Brighton and Fabrica Gallery, supported by ONCA.

‘From Stream to Sea’ seeks to explore parallels between the ‘life journey’ of the scientific water-cycle model (from stream to sea), the life-journey of humans (youth to elders), and the lifecycle of materials.

The project seeks to foster greater knowledge and understanding of environmental pollution challenges, the circular economy and to draw connections between human beings, human products and the marine world in ways that are new and meaningful.

This exploratory commission will include the development of engagement workshops and will be documented via an Instagram takeover, later this summer.

To learn more about our previous Artists Residencies, please see our Project Pages and news stories.

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