Blue Hearts for rewilding

6 April 2021

The BLUE campaign was founded in 2014 by wildlife filmmaker Fergus Beeley in response to the State of Nature report published that year which showed a dramatic decline in Biodiversity in the UK. Find out how to get involved.

What started as a small pilot site in Chipping Sodbury, the aim was to encourage homeowners to set aside parts of their garden to grow wild and step away from manicured lawns, enabling different habitats to establish and support local wildlife.

The campaign was then rolled out across the UK and as of 2021, has over 6000 followers and 160 sites including gardens, road verges, school grounds and parks.

BLUE works under a simple message; step back and let nature take a bit more control in your green spaces. You do not need 100s of acres of land to make a difference, simply creating variation through reduced/staggered mowing, allowance of wildflower and weed growth, stopping pesticide use, and establishing wild habitats helps create a space for wildlife to flourish.

If enough people do this, then we will see a network of connected habitats through towns and cities allowing animals and plants to move safely through urban settings. In this, BLUE provides support and advice on how to rewild your green space, working with both councils and individuals to maximise the rewilding potential of towns.

This is all done under the BLUE heart symbol. Having a recognisable sign placed in rewilded sites highlights to others that what is being done is deliberate. This generates conversations on how to get involved and unites people’s efforts into a single community where they can share ideas and successes.

If people want to get involved all they have to do is put up a homemade blue heart in a spot they are rewilding and get in touch to be part of the campaign. The organisers are ready to give advice and make connections to help participants on their journey. It’s as easy as that!

For more information go to or via the Facebook page here or email

By The Living Coast

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