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Tell us about your business

A Way of Natural Being is the work of Alistair Duncan, a workshop facilitator, ecopsychologist and coach. I offer a number of workshops and experiences in beautiful woodland settings across the Living Coast landscape. They offer unique and highly immersive days out that are fun, educational and a great boost to your well-being.

My invitation is, “Come away with me and have a day out in nature like no other.” You’ll learn techniques for shifting your awareness, changing how you use your senses, and even improving how you think and feel! A day with me may turn being in the wild into a whole new lifelong experience.

How is A Way of Natural Being supporting nature and sustainable practices in the biosphere?

We care for what we love … and we love what we know … and we know what we have met and spent time with.

And knowing isn’t just “knowing about” – having information about things (important as that is!). It is about a personal, felt, emotional and sensuous connection with the landscapes, places, creatures, plants that are our neighbours in the Biosphere.

My workshops engage the whole of our selves – the mind, yes, but primarily the body, the senses, the emotions, our presence and awareness, in connecting deeply with the natural world around us.

I hope through this folks will be inspired to care more passionately for the dwelling places of plants and trees, and for the four-legged, the winged, the creeping, burrowing, swimming ones who we share this land with.

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