About BrightonYoga

BrightonYoga organises wellness activities like hiking, yoga, and forest bathing in the beautiful countryside around Brighton. Our tours are fun, undogmatic, and accessible. You don’t need any experience, and there are no expectations. The simple act of being in nature reduces stress and anxiety, strengthens the immune system and boosts your overall well-being.

How does BrightonYoga support conservation and our natural environment?

Our outdoor wellness days are based on nature connection. All our tours and retreats are green and sustainable. You will learn more about local trees and plants and maybe taste some wildflower tea. It’s an excellent way to discover Brighton’s local nature reserves with its endless woodlands, open fields and breathtaking views across the South Downs.

Our team-building events are in sustainable venues, and all activities are focused on wellness in nature, including forest bathing, hiking, outdoor yoga, foraging or organic gardening.

What is BrightonYoga doing to promote sustainable activity and development in The Living Coast?

BrightonYoga is all about green, sustainable tourism. We want to enlighten a new love of nature, bringing back a feeling of belonging. The woodlands become alive when we stroll through the forest, looking at different patterns, listening to the birds, and tasting wild tea. As people experience how joyful it is to be in the countryside, they will help protect it in the long run.

How do you help spread awareness of The Living Coast and its values you share? 

We spread awareness through our social media channels. Here you find blogs about outdoor wellness, medicinal and nutritional plants, local wildlife, etc. We also partner with other local businesses that focus on nature and sustainability.

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