What is Old Tree Brewery?

Old Tree Brewery makes kombucha, seasonal cordials, vinegars, hedgerow wines and other live botanical brews. It is part of the Old Tree Collective – a group of brewers, gardeners and fermenters based in Brighton and Hove.

What is Old Tree Brewery doing to support biodiversity?

At Old Tree Brewery we do everything we can to be as sustainable as possible by producing seasonal flavours of kombucha, making sure we use local ingredients, and using electric bike couriers. But it’s not enough to be a sustainable business; as a social enterprise all of our profits go towards land regeneration and community growing projects so we can give back to the planet just as much as we take.

Supporting Community Gardens

We compost all of our organic waste and feed it back into local community gardens in Brighton which grow edible plants and botanicals.

Community Growing Projects

Our first permanent Drink Forest Garden is at Rock Farm in West Sussex. A Drink Forest Garden is a self-sustaining landscape of amazing botanical plants that are all useful and edible or drinkable! We organise weekly trips to Rock Farm, where you can learn about growing edible wild plants, building with reclaimed wood, harvesting renewable energy, and compost design and build.

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