Tell us about your business

The Visitor Centre is an exciting and interactive educational experience for children and adults of all ages about Rampion Wind Farm, electricity, climate change and more.
Discover – how electricity works and how the wind farm was built.
Learn – about the relationship between electricity and climate change.
Explore – our very own planet earth, climb up a wind turbine and even generate your own electricity.

How does your business support nature and sustainable practices in the biosphere?

Every unit of electricity generated by Rampion saves a unit generated from fossil fuels, therefore reducing emissions of greenhouse gases. The Rampion Community Benefit Fund, managed by the Sussex Community Foundation, has awarded over £1.7 million in grants since 2017 to 153 projects. These include projects to improve sustainability and biodiversity within the fund’s area of benefit.

What is your business doing to promote sustainable activity/development in The Living Coast?

We’re all about promoting sustainable activity, after all we are a wind farm! As a renewable resource, wind power is a much more sustainable way to generate electricity. Wind power helps the UK reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and prevent fossils fuels (like coal) from further polluting our environment with toxic emissions. The visitor centre is the best place to learn how the UK leads the way with offshore wind.

How do you help spread awareness of The Living Coast and its values you share?

Rampion Visitor Centre on Brighton Seafront is a free educational centre where you can learn all about the Rampion story and more. Our staff are friendly, super knowledgeable and passionate about wind power and renewable energy. We also have our own website and our social media accounts, so follow us for even more info and news!



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