Walk the Planets at Seven Sisters Country Park

Free event suitable for all ages.
Take a self-guided night-time trail starting from the sun and meet each planet in turn at the scale they occur for real in our universe.
It won’t take you long to come across Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars and even Jupiter, but then you’ll be stretching your legs to reach Saturn and finally Neptune approximately 1 km (half a mile) from your starting point.
If the night is clear you’ll be rewarded by a chance to view the universe with experts with telescopes set up at the furthermost point of your walk before retracing your steps back to the sun.
The path at Seven Sisters is a relatively accessible concrete path (so negotiable by pushchair and wheelchair) and each planet will be represented by a down-lit display where a steward can give you more information about its properties.
Please wear warm outdoor clothing, stout boots and bring a small torch to light the way between planets.
Car parking is available in both the South and North Car Parks (see map)
There will be an illuminated information point in the South Car Park where you can collect a ‘Walk the Planets’ Trail Guide and buy hot drinks and cookies.
Toilets will open on the north side of the site.
You can set out on the trail any time between 6.00pm and 8.00pm and the walk there and back should take roughly an hour (longer if you spend time stargazing at the furthest point!)
No booking is required but to stagger the starting times and make it a better experience for everyone we are asking families with children under 10 to arrive between 6.00pm and 7.00pm and those with older children and groups of adults to arrive between 7.00pm and 8.00pm.
If the night is cloudy or has light rain the Walk the Planets Trail will still be open but no stargazing through telescopes will be possible.
If the rain is heavy, or the night is excessively windy the trail will be closed for safety reasons, so please check our website or social media before setting out. There will be a message put out by 2.00pm on the day to let you know if the event has had to be cancelled.

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