Ancient People

Ancient People

Ancient dead people from Brighton & Hove’s deep archaeological past have been brought back to life through intimate facial reconstructions at the Elaine Evans Archaeology Gallery of Brighton Museum & Art Gallery, spanning five different time periods:

Neolithic woman - Whitehawk Hill – from 5650–5520 years ago, 1.45m height (small), 19-25 years old, dark skin, found in 1933 with the bones of a baby nestling in her pelvis, so probably died in childbirth

Bronze Age (early, Beaker Period) man - Ditchling Road, Hollingbury, Brighton – from 4,287- 4,125 years ago, 1.71m height, slight build, 25-35 years old, from continental Europe with light skin, blue eyes and blonde hair, malnourished as a baby and child, and suffering tooth decay, with likely low social status

Iron Age craftsman - Slonk Hill, by Shoreham – from 2,413-2,226 years ago, 1.71m tall, 24-31 years old, muscular and robust, active strong and healthy, light skin, lived/ worked in very smoky conditions, perhaps as a metalworker

Romano-British woman – nr Ladies Mile Road, Patcham – from 210–356 AD, 1.59m height (average), 25-35 years old, slender with light skin, blue eyes and blonde hair, she lived a hard physical life, subject to an unusual burial, with a nail in the back of her head and male skeleton lying feet to feet with her

Anglo-Saxon Warrior - Stafford Road near Seven Dials, Brighton – from 424-570 AD, 1.75m height (tall), 45+ years old, muscular and robust, lived a very active life, but probably died of complications from toothache, with a swollen face and terrible breath; one of our direct ancestors.

Image copyright: Royal Pavilion & Museums 2019