Single-Use Plastic-Free Local Campaigns & Businesses

Single-Use Plastic-Free Local Campaigns & Businesses

There are already plenty of local campaigns and businesses in The Living Coast that are working towards creating a single-use plastic-free world, including:

Refill - a range of cafes, bars and venues that offer free tap water refills for people on the go in Brighton & Hove and Worthing. Look for the Refill stickers in windows of participating locations, or find them on the Refill app (free), and get your water bottle refilled for free.

BYO Coffee Cup - Find coffee shops in Brighton & Hove working to reduce & eliminate coffee cup plastic waste & litter on this interactive map.

Plastic Free Pledge - local venues that have pledged to stop using single-use plastic straws in Brighton & Hove and beyond. Check the website for maps of ‘THE PLEDGED’ organisations.

hiSbe - the original supermarket rebels! This fantastic independent supermarket on York Place in central Brighton is pioneering a new shopping experience from the usual supermarket. With lots of ‘nude food’ and a ‘refill bar’ that contains everything from nuts and cereals to oils and cleaning products, there is plenty of opportunity to choose plastic packaging free stuff.

WasteNot - situated in the brilliant London Road Open Market, this great little store offers completely zero waste packaging options for dry and wet goods, displayed in rows and rows of jars like an old sweet shop. And you can find lots of unusual single-use plastic free stuff here too, like reusable bamboo fibre make-up removing pads and safety razor sets.

Charlotte's Cupboard – the UK’s first packaging free shop on wheels is here in Brighton and Hove! With their zero waste, packaging free store in their trusty electric van, Peggy, Charlotte and Thalassa can be spotted at many local farmers markets around the local area each week. Get as much or as little as you need, from a teaspoon of something to a kilo of something – and all plastic free. Plus Charlotte’s Cupboard also offers door-to-door deliveries. Oh, and their Instagram account is brilliant: these girls can sing!