Climbing hill

Get involved

We need to help our nature, so we can help our selves – so please give your ‘TLC’ (tender loving care) to The Living Coast!

Together we are stronger - if we all do one thing, then collectively we can make a real difference!

Ways in which we can all help include:

Residents –

Lighten your environmental footprint, for example by: saving on your energy and water use, and leaving the car at home and walking, cycling or taking the bus for short urban journeys

And why not lend a hand by volunteering to improve your local environment, for example by getting involved in your local park or greenspace group?

Schools –

Teach children about the special nature of their local environment, for example through the ‘Our Water Matters’ programme that we offer

And encourage children to get out and enjoy the great outdoors!

Businesses –

Make a special effort to provide more local and sustainable goods and services, and shout about your achievements

You can also help to support for The Living Coast through your public messages and by donating resources.

Visitors –

Take time to experience the fantastic nature of The Living Coast, by exploring some of our many hidden attractions

And please look out and ask for local sustainable products and activities whilst you are here, and only take what you really need from our environment in terms of your use of energy, water and transportation.

Discover more of The Living Coast with our interactive map here.