N for Nature – Dr Catherine Kelly talks about kindness and nature in The Kindness Chef podcast

2 December 2022

Living Coast researcher and board member, Dr Catherine Kelly of University of Brighton, talks about how nature can inspire kindness and wellbeing.

Dr Kelly features on the latest episode of ‘The Kindness Chef’ podcast, hosted by Harpal Dhatt, where they are presenting an A to Z of kindness.  Dr Kelly is featured in the episode N for Nature which is available to listen to now.


Dr Kelly speaks about her innovative research on water environments, also known as blue spaces, and how connection with them can benefit our own wellbeing, as well as how we can learn from nature and natural processes to be kind to ourselves and each other.


You can listen to the podcast episode ‘N for Nature’ via the below links:

Listen to the podcast via Spotify

Listen to the podcast via Apple Podcasts

By The Living Coast

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