Contribute to Brighton & Hove’s City Plan Part 2

21 March 2022

New consultation open to look at key modifications to the plan.

Brighton & Hove City Council have just launched their latest consultation regarding the development of the Local Plan for the city: City Plan Part 2.

Their City Plan Part 1 was adopted in 2016 and set out a strategic planning framework for the city to 2030, including targets for new housing and employment, and where new strategic development should go.

The City Plan Part 2 – which is currently being examined by a government planning inspector – sets out detailed policies for managing new development and further site allocations to help deliver much needed high-quality development.

This new consultation on the City Plan Part 2 relates to some key changes that have been identified as potentially being required.  These include changes to policies relating to green infrastructure and nature conservation – including safeguarding the swift colonies at Brighton General Hospital; shopping areas; energy efficiency and renewable energy.

To learn more about the consultation visit Brighton & Hove City Council’s website.  You can also participate in the consultation via their online consultation portal.

By The Living Coast

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