Brighton & Hove Climate Assembly

by Sarah Ryman Consultation Brighton

Brighton & Hove hosts it's first climate assembly this autumn.

The virtual gathering of citizens from the city includes 50 people chosen to represent the diversity of our communities. The assembly takes on the exciting challenge of coming up with ideas and actions to combat and lessen the impact of climate change and meet Brighton & Hove City Council’s target of being carbon neutral by 2030.

The climate assembly is designed and facilitated by an independent organisation experienced in delivering deliberative engagement processes like citizens' assemblies.

The primary focus of the first climate assembly is transport - and the council has pledged they will use recommendations to decide how to make transport work for everyone in the city, reduce carbon emissions and address the climate emergency. As one of the city’s biggest sources of carbon emissions, transport is always a controversial subject sparking much debate so the assembly will have the opportunity to hear from engaging expert speakers and discuss the issues involved with facilitators.

The climate assembly takes place over 5 sessions September to November.

An independent advisory board of 15 volunteer experts and activists support the climate assembly. Together with the council, they ensure there is a diverse selection of speakers to present information to the assembly. These include policy experts, campaigners and local stakeholders.

The recruitment process reflected the local population and involved residents from across the whole of Brighton & Hove. Ipsos MORI will design, establish, and deliver the climate assembly. They're worked in partnership with the Sortition Foundation to recruit a broadly representative selection of residents. The Sortition Foundation has expertise in ensuring that a cross-section of the population is represented on citizen assemblies.

Getting involved with the work of the climate assembly

Everyone will have the opportunity to contribute views, suggestions and actions on how to make the city carbon neutral by 2030 even if they are not on the assembly or giving evidence to it.


Alternatively, send an email to or write to Carbon2030, Hove Town Hall, Room 166, Norton Road, Hove, BN3 3BQ.

Recommendations from the climate assembly will be used as part of wider public conversations, consultations and engagement on city strategies such as the Local Transport Plan.

The report from the Climate Assembly will be presented to the council in early 2021. It will be used to inform our carbon neutral programme and our approach on how to make transport work for everyone in the city, reduce carbon emissions and address the climate emergency.

More information

Ipsos MORI recently conducted a citizens’ assembly on climate change in Oxford.

The UK government’s Climate Assembly UK met in Spring 2020.

Greater Cambridge Citizens’ Assembly discussed transport last autumn.

Camden Council held a citizens’ assembly on the climate crisis last year.


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