City Downland Estate Plan – Have Your Say

by Sarah Jones Consultation Nature Downland

There is a new way to get involved with Brighton & Hove Council’s City Downland Estate Plan by joining the community online.

On this page you can:

  • Share any work/studies/websites which relate to the downland estate so that everyone can read them in the ‘Your Contributions’ section
  • Raise questions, issues and share opinions that can be discussed openly, with contributions from Brighton & Hove City Council in the ‘Discussions’ section
  • Contribute your opinions/ideas/concerns directly to the engagement process through the links to the consultation portal
  • Find information on other ways that you can be involved in the process of creating the City Downland Estate Plan

As one of the four key themes within the City Downland Estate Plan is climate change, this page is available on the council’s ‘Let’s Talk Climate Change’ platform.

Please visit the page, sign in and join the community!

More information is available, plus news and updates on the process, on the council's main webpages.

This is a once in a lifetime chance to set out a vision for the future of Brighton & Hove’s downland estate.

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