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Last year ago we found ourselves thinking about what makes us feel happy and healthy.In the mix was time outside, promoting community and music.This is the holy trilogy from which Unite The Beat was born!
We now busy ourselves dreaming up social impact projects, taking groups into nature and working on our corporate offer to provide truly unique team building and away days. Allow us to tell you a little more.

What do these three pictures have in common?

They all have a sound.The sound of wool as it catches fire, the creaking of a swing, the squeals of delight as a newt slips its way across young hands.These pictures are all taken from our project ‘Spring into Sound’ which seeks to reduce social isolation of older people through intergenerational immersion in nature and sound.

So there are found sounds that already exist and we like to delve even deeper into the sensory abundance that surrounds us and so include what we call ‘sound foraging’.
This is when we set people loose in nature to experiment with the sounds you can make. You will find yourself drumming on trees, squelching in puddles, rattling snail shells and generally unleashing your curiosity as you relish the opportunity to play.
Keen to have a go? Join us on Saturday 12th May in Stanmer Park 2-4 pm for our Musical Immersion in Nature Workshop.

We also do sessions where we record all of the sounds created and then craft this into a contemporary piece of music, capturing memories through having a product that can be revisited. Take a look at our videos to hear more!:

Here’s a comment left by one of our participants, that clearly highlights the benefits of engaging in nature and sound:
“As Emily rounded us all up for lunch, I realised that I had not been worrying or thinking about anything apart from what sorts of sounds I could make, for the entire hour we had been in the woods. This had been an opportunity simply to play and to lose myself in that experience … Surprisingly, I was enjoying myself!I left the day feeling rested and energised in equal measures. It had been a wonderful way to simply ‘play’ creatively with other people in a shared space that perhaps paradoxically removed embarrassment rather than creating it and lacked the pressure to ‘make conversation’ or do anything other than experiment alongside one another.”

We continue to work on a range of exciting projects and are always looking for partners and funders, so please get in touch if you would like to work with us. We also provide a range of team building events as well as private parties.
We look forward to hearing from you if you would like to plunge into an immersive musical adventure in nature!

Emily Robertson & Malik Tokwe
Co-Founders, Unite the Beat

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