Future Perfect? Eco Technology is here!

by Sarah Dobson Author - Damian Tow Sustainability

A 'perfect storm' is brewing from our growing global population, increasing climate change and depleting natural resources. It thus makes perfect sense to shift to technology that makes use of unlimited resources – such as solar, wind & wave energy – and to better use materials through recycling and a 'circular economy' approach, where the waste from one industrial process is used as input to another.

‘Eco Technology’ or environmental technology is the application of scientific solutions to environmental challenges such as renewable energy generation, energy efficiency, water conservation and waste management. Solutions include photovoltaic panels, wind turbines, electric vehicles, hydroelectric power and anaerobic digestion.

Shifting to sustainable use of energy and resources is also a great opportunity for transforming our economies, creating jobs in these new sectors and becoming more resilient and less reliant on fossil fuels imported from Russia or the Middle East.

Using environmental technology can significantly contribute to the ‘sustainable socio-economic development’ objective of the Brighton & Lewes Downs Biosphere, with many practical examples here such as the Green Growth Platform supporting low carbon industries, local food growing promoted by the Brighton & Hove Food Partnership, sustainable transport through electric vehicles, and thriving community energy co-operatives in Brighton and Lewes.

Damian Tow

Partnership Director

Eco Technology Show

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