Lewes Wildflowers set to Support more Wildlife

by Sarah Ryman Wildlife

Students from Dorothy Stringer School in Brighton will be helping members of Wildflower Lewes this week to introduce wildflower plug plants into road-side verges in Nevill Green, to create better habitats for wildlife in Lewes.

The students are ambassadors for their school, which has a 25-year history of working to promote Biodiversity and Sustainability Education, within the city of Brighton and Hove and now more broadly within The Living Coast.

Over the last 13 years, the school has used butterflies in particular to promote it’s habitat restoration work for wildlife, through the creation of ‘Butterfly Banks’. Recently, Dorothy Stringer school has been asked by Cambridge University to participate in their 2021 Earth Optimism Summit. To do this they are making a short film that outlines the school’s continuing work to use butterflies as agents of environmental change, which will be broadcast globally online in early April 2021.

Botanist and Broadcaster Professor David Bellamy admires the Liz Williams Butterfly Haven - the first Butterfly bank created in the Living Coast.

Wildflower Lewes has been supported by the school and Big Nature who have provided over 1,000 wildflower plug plants of local provenance for the group. These were grown especially for Wildflower Lewes by the Native Seed Hub at Kew’s Millennium Seed Bank at Wakehurst.

Wildflower Lewes supporters and residents living close to the designated ‘wildflower (road) verges’ have planted the majority of the plug plants over the last week. Nevill Green is the only non-roadside verge to receive the remaining MSB plug plants, plus additional plug plants grown by local people, as part of Wildflower Lewes’s efforts to involve more people in growing wildflowers in green spaces across Lewes.

Dr Dan Danahar, Executive Trustee of the local not-for-profit company Big Nature, whose aim it is to increase biodiversity within The Living Coast, said:

"The Big Nature trustees were so inspired by the commitment and passion demonstrated by members of Wildflower Lewes to improve their local biodiversity, that it was the obvious choice to help support their efforts”

Jo Carter, Co Chair of Wildflower Lewes said “We are delighted that ‘Wildflower Lewes’ continues to improve our local natural heritage within the UNESCO designated Living Coast, simply by planting beautiful wildflowers in our Lewes roadside verges”.

For more information, contact:

Dr Dan Danahar - Big Nature

Email: Dan@bignature.co.uk Telephone: 07791113918 or 01273621042

Jo Carter - Wildflower Lewes

Email: joanna.carter@greenparty.org.uk Telephone: 07985 616788

Naturalist and Broadcaster Nick Baker helps pupils from Balfour Primary School explore the Liz Williams Butterfly Haven, an enriching educational experience for pupils in an area close to their school, which had formally been barren municiple grasslands.

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