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By Anne Colvin - IMPRINT

IMPRINT - explores people's connection with nature, through story and movement.

I recently received Arts Council funding to develop the work with dancers and local people and would like to invite you to an on-site sharing of IMPRINT next Friday 7th June on Devil's Dyke which is a stunning part of the South Downs National Park with great views of the Sussex Coastline.

IMPRINT explores people's connection to wild and natural sites and is a collaboration between dancers, local people and place.

Do you notice how being in nature impacts on your sense of place, how differently you connect each time you’re out there, and how your body responds in a wilder, more natural environment?

For me it can be an early morning stomp with the purpose of clearing my mind ready for the day. Other times, it’s a conscious noticing of what’s present around me, the distance and the detail, and how it affects me physically.

I’m a Dance Artist, and those physical responses and curiosities are often present, though sometimes under the surface, waiting to emerge. I’ve been up at Devil’s Dyke, in the beautiful South Downs National Park with stunning views across the Downs and the Sussex Coast. I’m researching a new dance work IMPRINT, with dancers and local people, wondering, and exploring individual and shared connections with nature - through talking and moving.

I’m interested in how the body responds to being in nature, how we develop a knowing of ourselves...quietly releasing breath, a lengthening in our stride or “feeling light, being without [our] stones” as one participant has noticed.

IMPRINT is about connecting with our own stories in relation to place and nature, noticing and expanding on the physical intricacies that come from those memories. Our movement explorations are about tracing, acknowledging and being inside those experiences, the IMPRINT that this wild space leaves with us (along with the wild places we’ve discovered on the way), and translating these into movement that reflects, connects with and belongs to the space that we are in.

We’re having an informal sharing of our explorations on Devil’s Dyke on Friday 7th June. A chance to see what we’ve been doing, ask us some questions and share your own experiences. Meet at Devil’s Dyke pub at 1.50pm.

Come along!

Anne Colvin - IMPRINT

Dance Artist and Creative Practitioner

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Watch this video for more on the initial research and development in Kingley Vale and at Birling Gap for this project.

Imprint from Zoe Manders on Vimeo.

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