Responses top 1500

by Guest Author Consultation

As the public consultation nears the end, the number of people and organisations who have responded to the Biosphere Reserve proposals has topped 1,500.  That's more than the number of people who responded to the E.ON's Rampion wind farm proposals.  It's testamount to the large number of events we've been to and the interest we've generated along the way.  So a big thank you to everyone who has helped us reach this total. It's not always been easy either.  Unlike National Parks, for example, very few people know what Biosphere Reserves are.  So it has taken a lot more explaining as to what it will mean for the area and what we're trying to achieve.  This makes the total even more remarkable. However, we're not resting on our laurels as we want to get even more responses before we make our submission, so if you haven't managed to fill in the questionnaire, please do so now.  Remember it only takes 30 seconds and 7 clicks of the mouse to answer the first two questions, the only ones you are obliged to respond to.  All the others you can skip over, although we'd be grateful if you can spare a little time telling us what you care about in the area and what you'd like to see improved.    
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