Shine a Light on Climate Crisis

by Sarah Ryman Sustainability Climate Change

Shine a Light is about creating a space for ‘what if…?’

This colourful plastic bottle tops chandelier is a recent talking point now hanging at Jubilee Library in Brighton. It is a focus for people to reflect, discuss and plan how to respond to the Climate Crisis. As we face the stark realities of the climate and ecosystem crisis, fear can isolate us. This project forms a focal point to bring the community together.

The Shine a Light chandelier now on display at the Library is a new project from Irene Soler of A Drop In The Ocean, creator of Brighton's wave installation on Marine Parade featured earlier this year.

Volunteers spent 4 days threading over 4,650 bottle tops to create the piece in display until the end of January 2020. The bottle tops were collected in the Jubilee Library and along the Brighton & Hove seafront. Beneath the chandelier is a space to gather, learn and support each other and our natural world.

Shine a Light is about using the power of community to illuminate possibilities. It’s about sharing fears, grief and stories offering opportunities to rediscover hope and how differently humans can live. Shining a light on an alternative vision for the future, and drawing on the community’s collective courage and creativity to start building it.

Project organiser, Irene Soler, wanted to use every one of the 29,684 bottle tops collected in the two years since A Drop in the Ocean began. Compared to just 24 months ago, far more people have become aware of the issues the project was highlighting so the final steps needed to focus on the vision for the future and help people overcome the apathy that can come from feeling powerless in the face of a global crisis. It still needed to create attention, to bring joy through colour and design (if only for a moment), and to grow from a process that facilitated human connection and difficult conversations.

The result was Shine a Light.

"Our hope is that in some small way it will help to strengthen our community and our resolve to imagine and build a radically different type of global society. One that is fair and balanced, where all people and the natural world are always more important than things"

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