Shoreham Port helps with net-zero carbon targets

by Sarah Ryman Energy

The Living Coast Biosphere partner Shoreham Port is working with H2evolution to create a green hydrogen hub which will be situated to the south of the Port’s famous lock gates.

artists impression of proposed hub

The hydrogen produced at Shoreham will be created from a combination of captive renewable energy sources available at the Port. The green energy production process is almost silent, produces no waste and emits no pollutants. The hydrogen hub has the potential to produce fuel cell grade hydrogen to supply local and regional operators of fuel cell electric vehicles as well as vessels and the Port’s own cranes and forklift trucks.

Shoreham Port aims to form part of the solution to local net-zero emission targets with operations due to be fully functioning in 2024.

A discussion on the progress on the hydrogen hub will take place at a Public Meeting which is scheduled for the 22nd of June at 18:00.

Read more about this exciting new green project at Shoreham Port.

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