Spring Equinox celebrated across Roundhill Windows

by Guest Author Spotlight on Brighton Author - Kate Wolstenholme

With Italians singing opera from their balconies, on the 2020 Spring Equinox, Roundhillers spread joy across the streets in a different way during the ‘lockdown’.

In the Roundhill area of Brighton, neighbours enjoy an annual ‘Advent Windows’ initiative; households elect to make wintery window displays, each to be unveiled on selected days from the 1st December onwards, by way of ‘counting down to Christmas’. The houses participating and their chosen calendar dates are shared in our local neighbourly paper, the Roundhill Reporter, inviting folks to enjoy the advent ‘trail’ as it plays out throughout December – and get excited for the 25th!

At the Round Hill Society’s first committee meeting of 2020, when brainstorming some ways the Society might get involved in the city-wide Nature2020 initiative, the idea of ’20 Nature Windows on March 20th (Spring Equinox)’ was born.

Catchy title, I know!

Of course, originally the idea would have been to share the fun via the Nature2020 event listing, inviting the wider Brighton and Hove community into Roundhill to wander the ‘nature trail’, explore the area, get inspired and meet new people… However, COVID-19!

Despite this rather major interruption to everyday life, the strength of the Roundhill community spirit shone through as ever, and a number of folks were keen to (keep calm and) carry on regardless – spreading the love through their windows if not able to in person, and welcoming in the spring and the uplift and vitality it brings.

So, without further a-do, since (this year) the wider-publication to participate in the nature trail wasn’t possible, we invite you to (until next year?!) enjoy the creative window displays in ‘print’, below!

Credit: Jo, Karen & Woody, Round Hill Crescent

Credit: Audrey and family, Richmond Road

Credit: Claudia, Tom, Nova & Luca, Round Hill Crescent

Credit: Andrea, Crescent Road

Credit: Laura-Kate, Richmond Road

Credit: Stephanie, Ashdown Road

Credit: Jane, Princes Road

Credit: Fiona and family, Ashdown Road

11/20 Spring Windows for Nature2020 ain’t bad – all things considered – in my book!

Huge thanks to all those involved, and those continuing to add to the windows initiative as we go forward.

Finally, here’s a taster from last year’s Advent Windows, displaying the ‘Cat Creep’:

Credit: Andrea, Crescent Road

Famous in spring more so for its toads than cats… which you can read more about in my other blogs here and here.

Kate Wolstenholme,

The Round Hill Society.

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