The Hidden Gem of Newhaven - Riverside Park

by Guest Author Spotlight on Author - Greenhavens Network

It’s incredible to think that up until its closure in 1981, this beautiful ecologically diverse reserve was a landfill site! Now designated a Site of Nature Conservation Interest (SNCI) it is recolonising and evolving since rehabilitation work commenced in 2005.

There are twenty seven hectares of wildlife rich reserve to explore where you will find diverse habitats including ponds, ditches, scrubland and meadows. Look out for rare wildlife such as Adders, Adonis Blue Butterflies, Lapwings and the Grey Plover.

Friends of Riverside number 30-40 members and look after the park day-to-day with litter picking and weed clearance around the seating areas and bulb planting. In recent years they have planted trees - over 1,000 in 2019. They also work with the local councils as a voice for the local community, consulting with residents on the management plan and with the local children on the playpark which was built a couple of years ago.

Newhaven Town Council are soon to take over responsibility for the site and in partnership with the Friends of Riverside and Valley Pond Group have great aspirations to continue to improve the reserve for people and wildlife.

The Friends are always looking for help and support in running the committee and feet on the ground, if this is something you would like to get involved in, please contact lesley or check out their Facebook page.

For more information on Greenhavens or to contact our Committee Members or Greenhavens Advisors directly, please visit our website.

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