The Living Coast

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Our exciting new identity for our Biosphere's programme of eco-works and the local area is ‘The Living Coast’, which we are promoting as the place where people and nature come together in our world-class environment.

The Living Coast (‘TLC’) wants many more residents, organisations and visitors to enjoy and help improve our special environment of Downs, Towns and Coast: the three elements of the new identity.

The green represents the South Downs that sustains local life by providing us with clean water and open space for play.
The ‘living’ gold sandwiched in the middle represents the city and towns whose rich culture and peoples lie at the heart.
The blue is the coast and sea from which our population has grown up and which continues to attract millions of visitors.

The new visual design was developed by the University of Brighton’s graphic design department, working pro-bono with design agency JDO, and is based upon the idea of overlapping torn paper edges that give the impression of multiple layers of natural organic elements to uncover.

Explore our website to find out more about the special qualities of The Living Coast and ways to get actively involved by giving your ‘TLC’! #thelivingcoastuk

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