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by Sarah Ryman Spotlight on Nature

Local Naturalist and Photographer Steve Homewood spends a great deal of his time fishing, foraging and nature watching (coincidently the sub title of his fascinating photo rich book called Source to Sea) along the shore from Newhaven harbour to Seaford Head.

For most of his working life Steve was a dental technician but his passion for exploring the natural world has taken up most of his spare time. He now enjoys giving illustrated talks, photo exhibitions and guided walks demonstrating how to understand the natural world in a respectful and sustainably unique way.

The title of a recent presentation to Seaford Rotary Club was ‘The Living Shoreline’. The extraordinary interface between land, sea and air. As Steve explains before showing the assembled audience some remarkable images “It all began when I was about ten years old. My Grandfather woke me early one Spring morning and took me out in the half light to, as he put it, search for the giant Pike with sharp pointy teeth that lives in the stream beyond the meadow. It was a life changing experience. To be out that early in the cool damp air heavy with a thousand scents and serenaded by the calls of a thousand birds was enough, but to be taught how to walk silently through misty meadows and bluebell woods, and to see wild creatures previously only imagined was to be reborn”.

Steve has a unique approach to observing and photographing wildlife, one that serves him as well in the countryside as it does in the city, and it is this that he hopes to explain in his walks, talks and in the books that he writes.

Each photo Steve shares at his talks has a message or meaning to surprise and enthral his audience. “Steve spoke to us all as if we were his best friends or his long lost relatives, bristling with excitement and wonder of what he had discovered”. Steve’s slideshow takes the audience on a stroll along the beach and back, and along again through the seasons through his stunning photographs; sights, sounds and stories of plants, animals, birds, fish and insects...and people that one might only meet or see once in a lifetime, but that can, with Steve’s instruction, actually be witnessed by any of us.

It is this unique way that Steve has that saw him on the BBC TV Springwatch programme alerting the nation to a previously unknown natural history spectacle in the river Ouse at Lewes that was named a ’Murmuration of Mullet’

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