UNESCO World Conference on Education for Sustainable Development

by Sarah Dobson UNESCO Sustainable Business

Today marks the start of the UNESCO world conference on Education for Sustainable Development.

This virtual conference brings together national leaders from across the globe to share best practise and learning from around the world on education for sustainable development. UNESCO will also be launching its new framework: Education for Sustainable Development 2030.

Whilst the conference is for national leaders, we have been fortunate enough to have 2 youth representatives for The Living Coast invited to attend. Rania and Nathaniel will be feeding back on their experience of the conference on behalf of the European Youth Man and the biosphere network after the conference.

Education for sustainable development is a key opportunity to share learning and awareness, engage and equip the next generation with relevant skills and knowledge for a more sustainable future.

You can watch the livestream of the conference here.

And see the full agenda here.


Image credits: UNESCO

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