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25 April 2023

Our City Our World is Brighton & Hove’s climate and sustainability programme for schools

Our City Our World works with schools in Brighton & Hove on a whole school, whole city approach to sustainability and climate change. The strategy aims to:
•  Develop an integrated environmental education curriculum, gradually and systematically ‘greening’ the curriculum and supporting the development of green skills
•  Develop school organisational systems and practices which support sustainability and the councils Carbon Neutral 2030 targets
•  Enable children and young people to develop a close connection with nature and in particular our local biosphere
•  Empower children and young people and their families to become changemakers both personally and collectively


Latest updates from the project:

  • Continuing to support existing schools and national recognition presenting recently at Department of Education stakeholder good practice event and the National Climate Education Action Plan network meeting.
  • Starting work with third and final cohort of schools.
  • Setting up a separate secondary focused group.
  • Working with around 47 of our city’s schools to put sustainability at the heart of their curriculum and operations.
  • Providing opportunities for students to connect with The Living Coast and become changemakers in their schools, families and communities. 
  • Launch of a Refill Shop at Goldstone Primary School.
  • Food Waste audit at St Lukes: Planet Care pupils helped measure the amount of food waste at St Lukes Primary over the course of a week.
  • Soon to be running a ‘Leadership for Sustainability’ day for headteachers, senior project leads, school governors and business managers. 

The Living Cost Schools Resources page highlights some of the most useful and relevant organisations and online teaching resources and materials for schools in relation to our objectives:

  • Conserve and enhance nature
  • Support sustainable human development

By Sarah Ryman

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