UNESCO UK Biospheres gather in the Isle of Man

11 April 2024

A week of inspiration and unity among the UK Biospheres.

Every year, the UK Biosphere teams gather in one of the seven local UNESCO Biosphere Reserves to share best practice in the field and work on future common projects and strategies. This year the spotlight fell on the UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man.

A day-long field trip immersed us in the Isle’s exceptional natural landscapes and cultural heritage, celebrating what it means to be part of a Biosphere Reserve: the integration of nature and people, thriving together for a sustainable future.

As we look towards the outcomes and inspirations that will arise from this gathering, we’re reminded of the power of collaboration in achieving our goals for conservation, sustainable living, and the enhancement of biodiversity.

The unity and shared purpose of the seven UK Biospheres provide a strong foundation for innovative solutions and achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 17 Working in Partnerships.

Thank you to the UK National Commission for UNESCO for enabling us to be part of this network.

Melanie David-Durand

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