What is Brighton Open Air Theatre?

Brighton Open Air Theatre (BOAT) is situated in Dyke Road Park, and presents an annual summer programme of theatre, music, comedy, dance, circus and more. Performances from local, national and international artists create a diverse and eclectic offering for local residents and visitors to enjoy. 

What is Brighton Open Air Theatre doing to support nature and sustainable practices in the biosphere?

We have a permanent wildflower bank which runs around the back of the auditorium. This bank is purposefully left to grow wild, and attracts bees, insects, hedgehogs, rabbits and even a fox!

Audiences are encouraged to bring picnics, to reduce commercial waste. We avoid single-use plastics, and offer discounts at our bar for those bringing re-usable cups.

As an outdoor venue, we have very few technical facilities, which means we have  very low energy consumption. We are easily accessible by bus and only a short walk from Brighton, Hove and Preston Park train stations, and 20 minutes from the centre of town.

We work closely with the council on maintaining the aesthetic of Dyke Road Park and pride ourselves on being a significant community asset, offering accessible arts and culture throughout the summer.

Photo credit: Marc Brenner

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