Forest & Nature Bathing Sussex

What is Forest & Nature Bathing Sussex?

We run woodland and nature-based, sensory events in the Sussex Downs, woodlands, meadows, beaches and beyond. At Forest & Nature Bathing Sussex, we like to say that nature does the talking and we guide you into a deeper conversation. You could say that our sessions are like mindfulness moving through the trees…

We are truly blessed to be able to introduce groups to such a beautiful and varied Sussex landscape. Our gentle, calming and connecting sessions help us to build deeply physical and emotional relationships with nature on our doorsteps; bringing our biosphere to life in a uniquely, personal way.

Through walking, meditation, visualisation, wandering amongst the plants, trees and wildlife; we aim to bring forth individual and personal awareness. We use nature as a metaphor for many aspects of our lives, using touch, smell, taste, sight and sound to slow us down, explore and develop the lesser-known and intuitive senses. To ultimately release, re-charge and re-set body, mind and spirit.

How is Forest & Nature Bathing Sussex supporting nature and sustainable practices in the biosphere?

We tread very lightly and reverently on the earth during our practices and we strongly believe that when you build a soulful and nurturing bond with nature you build a greater respect and desire to protect it. To step outdoors and to be introduced to this simple and subtle form of connection, creates a profound, psychological awareness of the importance of our Living Coast.

We cannot relate to the subtleties and personalities of our natural environment if we are stomping through it and our minds are elsewhere. When we slow down, nature softens and reveals her hidden beauty and complexity. When we stop and sit still, nature and wildlife move towards us. In turn, people feel a greater heart connection and desire, not only to take or absorb but to give back and preserve their natural environment. We call this reciprocity. We take groups outside in all weathers and throughout all of the seasons to provoke reactions and feelings towards all the cycles.

We work with conservation groups such as ‘The Lost Woods’ project as part of The Sussex Wildlife Trust and AirS (Action in Rural Sussex) to offer a wide range of natural events and services to all. We link with complementary businesses such as foraging and herbalist practitioners to create unusual events, and we hire woodland to support local farmers and local rustic areas like ‘Breathing Space’ and the ‘Physic Garden’.

We would like to see Forest Bathing/Shinrin Yoku or ‘Woodland Wellbeing’ used and promoted as a socially prescribed activity for those who are isolated or suffering with mental health issues. Nature is the greatest healer and we have a very valuable biosphere in which to explore, engage with and feel proud to protect.

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