What is Slake?

Slake is an independent distillery that stared up in Shoreham-by-Sea and is now based in Worthing.

A short trip over the Downs brings us into the Weald, home to ancient Sussex woodland and unique natural heathland habitat. Inspired by the natural diversity of our locality and the fantastic ingredients we have around us we hand-craft quality spirits, distilled at the crossroads of science and nature.

How is Slake supporting nature and sustainable practices in the biosphere?

The key to Slake is bringing character from place through into the products we make, by using local botanicals to provide a unique flavour. We do this by using wild ingredients that are sufficiently abundant to forage for. Here on the Living Coast, we have rare and diverse plant species, but we’ve got to think sustainably and we choose ingredients that are common enough to provide a reliable source.

We believe that sustainability is not a destination, it’s more of a mindset. You’ve got to have the mindset of continuous improvement – of working to find ways to not just tread lightly, but to have a positive impact.

Slake Spirits is a member of the Foragers Association. Find out more about their principles of practice.

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