So Sussex

What is So Sussex?

So Sussex is an outdoor activity and events organisation focussed on getting more people to be active outdoors, and to learn and understand more about the environment they are in.

We run festivals- including the nationally recognised Elderflower Fields, as well as Schools Without Walls – an innovative schools outdoor learning program, The Hubbery outdoor café and various partnership projects with local authorities, the National Trust, South Downs National Park and the YHA.

We have been involved in The Living Coast as a partner organisation since its inception and in addition to being an activity and tourism partner also played a key role in developing The Living Coast branding.

How is So Sussex supporting nature and sustainable practices in the biosphere? 

Encouraging sustainable transport and connection with nature

Supporting conservation and the natural environment is at the heart of So Sussex. We developed The Living Coast By Bike to encourage people to explore the region sustainably, learn about this unique area throughout the year, and spread ‘footfall’ across The Living Coast away from tourism hot spots. It also promotes like-minded businesses on route. Each ride has its own detailed description of the natural, cultural and heritage features to be found and encourages riders of all abilities to get out and be active in the region.

Contributing to a circular economy

We are also working with the University of Brighton and Veolia to look at how waste from events run in the region can be built into the circular economy.

Promoting biodiversity

Our Spithurst Hub HQ just outside The Living Coast is a low-energy building and has been awarded by both Lewes District Council and The Campaign For Rural England for the work we have done to ensure it promotes habitats for pollinators, birds, bats, dragonflies and other wildlife. The Hubbery Café at Spithurst Hub allows the general public to explore the gardens we have created at Spithurst Hub and learn more about the work we do.

Our values closely align to The Living Coast and across all our projects and ‘brands’ we are focussed on sustainability, education and active participation. 

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