What is the Sussex Dolphin Project?

The Sussex coastline is home to a vast amount of wildlife, including a variety of dolphin species. The Sussex Dolphin Project was set up to study and research marine mammals in our waters, as well as to engage directly with our community to educate and build awareness of our local marine ecosystems and species. Part of our mission is to ensure wildlife is valued and our unique marine natural heritage remains protected.

Community is at the very heart of our work, and we want to encourage and excite Sussex residents about the importance of protecting our oceans, for the benefit of both the wildlife and humans. We achieve this by connecting people directly with it. One practical way of showing people the benefits of the sea is to take them on an off-shore adventure, which we accomplish through our ever-popular boat tours, delivered in collaboration with other local organisations. 

How is the Sussex Dolphin Project  supporting nature and sustainable practices in the biosphere? 

During our boat tours we teach guests about our Sussex dolphins and the other amazing animals living off our coast. These include seahorses, seals, sharks, lobsters, and the range of bird species found beyond the beach. Additionally, there is always the chance of spotting dolphins dancing on the waves. All proceeds from our cruises are injected back into the project and put to good use for more activities and conservation practices.

We work in partnership with Shoreham Port, where we are based, which allows us to be involved in developing it as a sustainable green port to better serve our biosphere, with additional strategies to restore and rewild our coast.


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