Discovering Tracks and Signs introductory course

Wildlife tracking is a crucial skill within conservation management and key for species identification.

Tracking is a great way for nature enthusiasts and early conservationists to hone their ability to observe details around them and to build their knowledge of wildlife, specifically their movement and feeding ecology.

During this course you will learn skills to confidently identify a variety of mammal and bird activity when you are out in the field. The course will begin by covering the physical appearance and ID features of a track, and then move onto feeding signs, homes, and droppings, and finally an introduction to master listing, leaving you with an introduction to the world of track identification.

This is a 2-week online course covering 1 extended topic, for which you will complete a variety of online resources and activities. Each topic is then concluded with an interactive Zoom workshop to complement the content.

Who Should Attend?

Nature enthusiasts, Students, Rangers, Early career ecologists.

Thu 13, January 2022 – Thu 10, February 2022 £30

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