Sussex Dolphin Project – Bioblitz

This year, the Sussex Dolphin Project is looking to really move forward with their coastal community project, the Shoreham Port Conservation Corridor.  This is a unique program for conservation in the heart of Southwick, at the bustling industrial space of Shoreham Port.  Some of you may already know that the bank featured to the north of the power station (shown in the maps image below) is already quite a spot for nature.  This site is especially important because there is no other low managed green space within 1.5km, making the site an island for biodiversity, and the community.  The hope is to further improve the site’s biodiversity at the same time as engaging the public in this unique space; celebrating it together so that it can be left for nature for many years to come.   

“But we need to know more!  Through our first year, we have picked up anecdotal information and observed patiently.  Now we need to get involved, find out more about what lives here, and start taking action.  We need you to help us identify what creatures and plants, call this space home, or are regular visitors, so that we can ensure the management we undertake is fit for purpose”

By inviting you all along, to a Bioblitz day, we hope to make use of your expertise in your respective fields, and bring together a great bunch of people to learn about the wildlife that live here.  

Please come join us on the 3rd of April for a Bioblitz day filled with like minded people, Tea and biscuits.

RSVP NOW to be part of the first steps in this ambitious project.

With this information, we’ll design our survey and management plans to learn more and act accordingly, bringing in the community to take part in tasks throughout the year, and experience the site and the biodiverse nature that can be found here.  

If you have any problems with the date provided, but would like to still help, please get in touch via  We will also be booking expert surveys in specific areas of interest and kindly ask for any assistance you can offer to support this project.  

If you are able and willing to join us on the 3rd April 2022 please contact

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