Homeward Bound Festival!

Celebrating the cultural heritage of our coastine

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Our coastline has a strong fishing and maritime heritage. This is nowadays sometimes forgotten, so reminding and promoting this heritage to residents, visitors and businesses will ensure it is not lost.

The concept of a not-for profit festival as a platform to engage residents and visitors in the local maritime culture and heritage was championed by Homeward Bound Shanties (a local business that delivers sea shanty workshops and activities) and developed as part of the Interreg-funded project, BioCultural Heritage Tourism which The Living Coast was part of.

The festival aimed to demonstrate that there is more to our coastline than just the beach during the summer months, and that it is a place to enjoy off-season. It also gave local businesses an opportunity to promote their offer to a wider audience and to attract off-season business.



Sea shanty workshop

Sea shanty workshop by Homeward Bound shanties in the cellars of the Old Ship Hotel

Despite the stormy weather over the weekend, a lot of fun was had and it was great to celebrate the cultural heritage of our coastline.
Thanks so much to the businesses who took part and organised activities and events as part of the Homeward Bound Festival.

Stormy seafront

Stormy Brighton seafront

Below are some comments from people who attended the festival:

The Sea Shanty Performance was just sublime and joyous.’

Fun and accessible.’

It educates, engages and includes people that live in the community.’

It raises awareness of our maritime past, which is so easily overlooked or, probably, in many cases not even known about.’

The Homeward Bound Festival was co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund via the BioCultural Heritage Tourism Project.

Thanks so much to all the businesses and individuals who took part and organised activities as part of the festival.

The Living Coast by Bike
Mackerel lantern making workshop

Mackerel lantern making workshop by Render and Make 

The Homeward Bound Festival took place on Saturday 2nd – Sunday 3rd October 2021 across The Living Coast. Activities included shanty workshops, sustainable sushi making, a mackerel lantern making workshop, various guided walks, art & craft workshops, and an experiential fine dining experience. There were also musical performances from shanty bands, including special performances from the Wellington Wailers and City Shanty Band from the boat inside the Fishing Museum.

homeward bound festival 2021

Project objectives

  1. To connect people to the cultural heritage of our coastline through a variety of engaging activities and experiences. 
  2. Give local businesses an opportunity to promote their offer to a wider audience and attract off-season business. 
City Shanty Band
Craft Workshop

What’s been achieved?

  • 20 businesses and organisations participated in the Homeward Bound Festival by putting on pop-up events and activities
  • 42 individual activities/events were organised as part of the festival

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