1 day intro to Ecotherapy

Introduction to Ecotherapy – for counsellors, practitioners, support workers and those with a personal interest in the discipline.

Transitioning into Autumn/Winter together

A nurturing day at beautiful Saddlescombe Farm to explore how we can best welcome in the shorter days ahead. The darker months can be both a challenging and a beautiful time – less light and warmth can be a daunting prospect, but it can also be a heart-warming time to...

Deepen your Nature Connection

This workshop will introduce you to delightful practices that will heighten and enrich your experience of your place in the natural world. You’ll gain a deeper sensitivity and awareness of the presence of everything around you.

Wellbeing in nature course for women

Would you like to spend some time each week reconnecting with yourself and nature? Take some time out to slow down, breathe fresh air, listen to the birds and focus on your wellbeing.

Deepen your Nature Connection

We can experience the natural world in so many ways. We can learn to identify the creatures and plants that we encounter, we can become familiar with their habits and ways. Or, sometimes, nature will stop us in our tracks with a moment of sublime wonder. This workshop...

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