Rights of Nature, the next revolution?

Film screening followed by panel discussion to consider the developing Charter for our local river with community initiative Love our Ouse, and speakers from the University of Sussex will discuss Rights of Nature projects they are working on and will report on...

Film: Holy Shit

Can poop save the world? What happens to the food we digest after it leaves our bodies? Is it waste to be discarded or a resource to be reused? Looking for answers, director Rubén Abruña embarks on an investigative and entertaining quest through 16 cities across 4...

Film screening Light Needs

Artistically inventive and deeply thoughtful, this imaginative documentary delves into the lives of houseplants who cohabitate with people, and the surprisingly complex relationships that can develop between them.

Fungi web of life screening

Visual spectacle Fungi: Web of Life, narrated by Bjork with a recorded Q&A with Merlin Sheldrake, the acclaimed author of Entangled Life. Concessions available.  

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