Care of fruit trees

Learn the basics of how to care for fruit trees of all ages. Particular attention will be given to how to establish young trees effectively and how to care for trees so that they remain healthy and productive. Concessions available.

Fruit tree grafting

Learn how to graft fruit trees using the technique of side and splice grafting on this half day workshop. Concessions available.

Fruit tree planting free online workshop

Free online presentation with Q&A: a brief look at the basics you need to consider including assessing your site and selecting varieties, rootstocks and pollination. Followed by hands-on tree planting at volunteering events.  

Planning and planting a small orchard

Learn the basics of fruit tree selection and planting techniques for gardens and small orchards. This course is designed to complement the Care of fruit trees course. Concession rates available.

Growing fruit in small spaces

Learn how fruit can be grown in small gardens and allotments. Both tree fruit and soft fruit can be trained along walls, fences and frames. Summer pruning techniques will keep fruit trees smaller. Short tours will look at various examples of fruit growing. Concession...

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