Visitor interactive map

Points of interest have been plotted on an interactive map so you can visually discover places to explore within The Living Coast.

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How to use the map

Click on the link below to open a map in a new window.

Things to do in the Living Coast (

Once the map has opened, click on the drop down arrow next to ‘Things to do in The Living Coast’ in the dark grey box and here you will find 5 categories to explore:

  • Heritage & Culture
  • Wildlife & Natural environment
  • Active & Outdoors
  • Local Produce
  • Logistics

Click on each eye icon to turn on and off the different layers of information and points of interest on the map.

 This will show the information for that layer

 This hides the information for that layer

If you click on specific points of interest within the map, the ‘info’ tab will open and display further information about that individual point of interest. Click back on the ‘layers’ tab on the left-hand panel to go back to the categories/layers again.

 You can zoom in and out of the map by scrolling on the mouse or clicking on the plus/minus buttons on the map

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