Beauty beneath at Brighton Marina

5 June 2019

Take a look through these fantastic shots from Steve Winsor taken recently on The Living Coast right below the surface within the marina.

You would be forgiven to think that all that lies beneath the water in Brighton Marina is some concrete and a fair few dicarded plastic bottles and bags.

Steve is a local resident who has be diving for 22 years mostly along the South Coast and kindly shared these pictures.

Sea anenome photographed in the sea at Brighton Marina

Get closer to our undersea wildlife

Even without a boat or scuba gear, you can still access some of the marine marvels of our The Living Coast at low tide, such as:

Undercliff MCZ coast, easy access route from Brighton Marina to Saltdean

Newhaven MCZ coast, by West Beach (car park) or to the east at Tide Mills nature reserve

Shoreham harbour and river estuary (SSSI), by Shoreham Fort

South West Rocks marine SNCI – a chalk reef just off Hove whose underwater life is known only to a few divers!

Under sea life photographed at Brighton Marina
Under sea life photographed at Brighton Marina

Top tips for marine marvels in The Living Coast

Shoreham Beach & River Adur – Local Nature Reserve with wild flowers amongst shingle, over the river estuary with saltmarsh and mudflats for birds.

Brighton Seafront starlings over the piers, and shingle beach wildflowers along the Volks railway.

The Undercliff, Brighton Marina to Saltdean – Fossil-filled white chalk cliffs, towering above beach rock pools and chalk reef, with traffic-free path

Castle Hill, Newhaven – Extensive sea views from this flower-rich Local Nature Reserve, above Newhaven Fort, West Beach and Friars Bay marine conservation area

Under sea life photographed at Brighton Marina

All images by Steve Winsor

By Sarah Ryman

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