What is Sustainable Food Tours ?

Brighton Food Tours is an award-winning food-and-drink focused tour company in the city. The tours celebrate the best the local independent food and drink sector has to offer.

We take customers on 3-hour walks around Brighton tasting the food, meeting the vendors and sharing titbits about cultural landmarks and food-related history, ranging from herring that sustained the early settlement of Brighthelmstone to the amazing kitchens the Prince Regent had installed in the Royal Pavilion.

The quirky creativity of the city permeates its food establishments and you can visit a restaurant where the staff will sing to you while wearing mechanical hats, or visit a tea room where the proprietor insists the national anthem is played every afternoon and the customers stand for the occasion.

On our tours we celebrate a wide variety of vendors, from gourmet restaurants to market stalls. We believe good food is for everybody and affordability and accessibility to high quality, fresh food is something all sectors of our community should have.

What is Sustainable Food Tours doing to support the biosphere?

Celebrating local heritage, produce and sustainable practices

There are so many Living Coast producers to celebrate and we do our best to do so on our tours, promoting everything from local wine, cheese and meat to cider, fruits and vegetables. There is butter made in Brighton from a hand churner, the best pittas you have ever had, epic hummus made by a local family firm, award-winning burgers, a cornucopia of gelato and an oyster bar that is over 100 years old.

All the vendors we include on our tours are independent businesses who support and sustain local suppliers and workers. We actively work with vendors who ensure their packaging is biodegradable and minimise waste.

On our tours we make a point of introducing our customers to ethical and sustainable food champions such as HISBE Supermarket, Infinity Foods and the Brighton & Hove Food Partnership’s amazing Community Kitchen.

All our tours are completed on foot and we encourage customers to arrive by public transport.

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