Brighton Gin

Chan-gin-g the game

What is Brighton Gin?

Only the first totally vegan, entirely hand-crafted gin to be made in Brighton.

How is Brighton Gin supporting nature and sustainable practices in the biosphere? 

We use sustainable, high-grade ingredients and materials, including organic wheat spirit, responsibly sourced cork and UK made bottles from at least 50% recycled glass. Our gin is made genuinely by hand in Brighton & Hove by a little team of friends and family.

  • Brighton gin is the first contemporary gin in the UK to be certified by the Vegan Society – that includes every aspect of the bottle from the wax seal to the glue on the labels.
  • We reuse as much of the cardboard and packaging that enters the distillery as possible. Whether this is as inserts for cases of our gin or for packing web orders we aim to reuse as much as possible.
  • The macerated botanicals which are left over from distilling Brighton Gin are all composted (in production manager Jude’s garden no less!) and our still is customised to recycle its cooling water rather than pouring it down the drain, saving up to 3 litres of water per minute while we’re distilling.
  • We operate a bottle refill station for customers to come and use themselves in the gin cave. This enables us to reduce our carbon footprint even further and Brighton Gin lovers are super keen to play their part in this!
  • Our local order are hand-delivered by members of our tiny team which is especially sustainable since we make our rounds on our beautiful Brighton Gin branded eCargo bike!

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