ipse wilderness

About ipse wilderness

IPSE stands for Intellectual, Physical, Spiritual and Emotional; 4 aspects of well-being that we address through nature connection and wilderness immersion experiences. The word ‘ipse’ also means ‘himself/herself’ in Latin; we seek to bring about deeper self-awareness through the recognition of one’s own nature in nature.

We lead walk & talk journeys and workshops to enrich mental and physical well-being, where what we talk about is linked to the landscape through which we are walking. We journey inside, outside; using metaphors of nature, and myths and poetry of the landscape to make meaningful connections that have us see ourselves reflected in nature.

We work across the Living Coast, South Downs and Sussex with individuals, businesses, families and school groups to empower people to feel a sense of belonging and joy in natural spaces.

How does ipse wilderness support conservation and our natural environment?

On our walks and workshops, we use pathways to nature connection to promote the bond that people have with our natural environment. We activate the emotions through authentic conversation, take lessons from nature that enrich our lives, learn about the history of the Living Coast and develop compassion for nature by appreciating its beauty and absorbing our environment through all our senses. Such strong connection to nature leads to pro-conservation behaviours; participants are encouraged to make pledges about their relationship to nature, and we partner with local charities and conservation groups.

What is ipse wilderness doing to promote sustainable activity and development in The Living Coast?

We always follow the Countryside Code and the ‘Leave No Trace’ principle. On our workshops we car-share or use public transport where possible. We also litter-pick, minimise our use of plastics and support local businesses. We work to empower people to access the Living Coast on their own terms, so that the gift of connection to nature is passed on to family, friends and future generations.

How do you help spread awareness of The Living Coast and its values you share? 

We are connected with local networks, such as the Green Wellbeing Alliance and eco-education charity Beacon Hub, and are Accredited Practitioners of the Institute for Outdoor Learning. These networks are active forums for the discussion of our key values of conservation, access to wild spaces and well-being, and ipse wilderness makes an active contribution to research and learning in this space.

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