Organic Roofs

Tell us about your business

We’ve been designing, installing and caring for green roofs and walls with a focus on nature recovery and nature-connection since 2011. Our clients include Brighton & Hove Council, Kensington & Chelsea Borough, Hammersmith & Fulham Borough, Brighton Uni, Infinity Foods and many more commercial and residential green roof owners. In 2019 we launched a sister company Green Roof Revival Ltd to help people turn struggling green roofs into vibrant stepping stones for nature recovery.

What is Organic Roofs doing to promote sustainable activity/development in The
Living Coast?

Creating habitats, encouraging a caring connection with nature, looking for circular economy pathways in as many projects as possible.

How do you help spread awareness of The Living Coast and its values you share?

We just had a drone pilot take footage of our Revival project at The Level, where we specifically referenced nature recovery and the Biosphere. My CPD’s for architects also frame the conversation about green infrastructure in terms of optimising for nature and thinking about cultivating a landscape psychology – thinking of every building as part of its living landscape. And as the building, also all of us, the people.

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