What is The Sussex Peasant?

The Sussex Peasant runs mobile farm shops that bring local produce to communities in Sussex that have lost their local greengrocers, butchers, bakers and fish mongers.

We began selling seasonal vegetables from a wheel barrow and we now have 4 mobile farm shops going around Sussex selling local organic produce, from meats, fish, dairy, fruit and vegetables to breads, cheeses, cakes and pastries.

How is The Sussex Peasant supporting nature and sustainable practices in the biosphere?

Supporting local environmentally-conscious producers 

As a community of enterprising Sussex farmers and producers we bring our produce directly to communities in Sussex, enabling us to have complete transparency and provenance of the products we sell. We make it possible for people in the biosphere and surrounding areas to buy seasonal, locally and sustainably produced food that doesn’t have to be transported far.

At its heart The Sussex Peasant wants to change lifestyles and create a food and drinks concept with longevity. Our farming is sustainable, our food is traceable, our approach is socially and environmentally minded.


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